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Character Development Program (CDP)

Well ahead of the 2019 Medal of Honor Convention coming to Tampa Bay, the Convention Committee partnered with the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and Bay Area Public-School Districts to train hundreds of teachers on the Character Development Program. As we celebrate the arrival of the 2019 Tampa Bay convention, we will be collecting the work and experiences of students and teachers to showcase the lessons and ideals of selfless service that have been initiated as a result of these lessons of integrity, sacrifice, courage, patriotism, citizenship and commitment.


Florida Medal of Honor Recipients

Through history there have been 27 Medal of Honor Recipients who were born or credit Florida as their home state. There are currently six recipients who reside in Florida.

  • Duane Dewey
  • Robert Ingram
  • Gary Littrell
  • Melvin Morris
  • Robert Patterson
  • Ronald Ray Ponte


CDP Training Highlights

»  To date over 850 teachers have been trained in three counties

»  District trainings held in 2018:

    • Hillsborough County Public Schools held five trainings with two more planned for early 2019. Hillsborough is the eight largest school district in the country and the second most diverse in Florida with 211,000 students, 15,000 teachers and 300 schools.
    • Pinellas County Public Schools held three trainings. Pinellas is the 26th largest school district in the country and the seventh largest in Florida with 102,000 students, 7278 teachers and 140 schools.
    • Pasco County Public Schools held two trainings with plans for two more in 2019. Pasco is the 57th largest school district in the country and has 75,000 students, 5156 teachers and 96 schools.



Future District Plans include:

  • Summer 2019 train the trainer for three counties
  • Summer 2019 four new counties have been targeted to receive teacher training.


School Visits

»  Two school visits have taken place in advance of the Convention. With at least two more planned.

»  Many school visits are being planned for the week of the Convention.

»  All schools chosen for visits will have implemented the CDP.