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About the Society

The Medal of Honor Society consists of all living recipients of the Medal, working to preserve the legacy of the Medal and its principles.

The living recipients of the Medal of Honor constitute the members of the Society. Its exclusive membership includes men of all races, social classes and economic levels. The Society exists to  perpetuate the legacy of the Medal of Honor, to maintain a bond of brotherhood among living recipients, to promote patriotism and the principles on which our nation was founded.

Its other purposes include maintaining the memory of those  Medal of Honor recipients who have died; protecting and preserving the dignity and honor of the Medal of Honor and its recipients; and providing assistance to needy Medal  recipients, their spouses or widows and children.

History of the Society

The Congressional Medal Of Honor Society of the United States of America, chartered in 1958 by Congress, is perhaps the "most exclusive organization" in our country...it is certainly one of the most unique. Its small membership includes men of all races, social classes and economic levels. They range in stature from 5'2" to 6'7", in age from 26 to 94, and they live in all areas of our Country. Among them are scholars and ordinary men, successful entrepreneurs and struggling laborers, ministers and misfits, very rich to very poor. No amount of money, power or influence can buy one's rite of passage to this exclusive circle, and unlike almost any other organization, this group's members hope that there will be NO MORE INDUCTEES. Beyond this attitude towards recruitment, about all they have in common is a passionate love for the United States of America and the distinct honor of wearing our Nation's highest award for military valor, The Medal of Honor.

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