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About the Program

The Medal of Honor Character Development Program is designed to prompt students to think of others first and make good choices every day. The CDP teaches students that ordinary people can meet great challenges and change the world.

Character Development Program lessons plans demonstrate the principles on which our nation was founded. These lessons use the dramatic stories of Medal of Honor recipients to make those principles very real to students.


The CDP's overriding message is that everyone has the capacity to be a hero and the courage to do the right thing.


The CDP includes cross-curriculum lessons for middle and high school, video oral histories, teacher tutorials, video conferences and more.


Educators and administrators are encouraged to register online to access the CDP's instructional resources. Teachers designed the lesson plans to help students explore the values of courage, integrity, sacrifice, commitment, citizenship, and patriotism. The lessons use best practices based on national standards and easily adapt to a variety of curricula, teaching methods, and school settings.


To get started, log in and register at www.cmohedu.org