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CDP Questions

Would you like more information on the Character Development Program? Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions, with links to more information.

What types of schools use the program?

All kinds of schools currently use the program. We are in private, public, parochial, charter, independent and home schools.


At what grade or age is the program aimed?

The program’s primary audience is middle and high School students, but because the curriculum is flexible, we also have elementary schools, colleges and universities using the program.


Can organizations other than schools use the Character Development Program?

Absolutely!  The program is being used by scouting organizations, athletic programs, home-school communities, museums, anti-bullying groups, and even correctional facilities.


How can I get the Character Development Program (CDP) into my school or organization in Tennessee?

Contact the CDP Committee of the 2014 Medal of Honor Convention to find out if your school or organization has been assigned a CDP Liaison.  Liaisons are being established for schools, school districts, and other organizations.  These Liaisons can answer local questions about who has received CDP training and has implemented the CDP.


When and where is CDP training being offered in Tennessee?

Click here to get information about the training schedule in Tennessee.

Is there any cost to use the program?

The online resource is completely free and contains all of the Recipient Living Histories and the Lesson Plans as well as video tutorials about teaching the material. Along with the website, we offer a kit which contains all 50 lesson plans with the accompanying DVDs of the Recipient Living Histories.


Can I order a Resource Kit?

Yes. Though the entirety of the material is available free online, many of our users do prefer to use the companion kit as well. Resource Kits are sold at our cost to produce them ($105) plus shipping ($15). If you would like to purchase a kit, send your name, the name of the school or organization which will be using the kit, your shipping address and the number of kits you would like to order to Noel Wall (nwall@cmohfoundation.org). For more information about ordering kits, you can call Noel at 843-881-5973.


Can I make a donation to support the Character Development Program?

Yes, and we appreciate your interest in supporting us. To donate, visit the Medal of Honor Foundation at http://www.cmohfoundation.org/ and click on Support the Legacy. You can either donate by mail or online through Paypal. If you would like to specify your donation for the Character Development Program, you can do so on the memo line of the check or in a note or email with your online donation.


Are there training sessions on how to teach the program?

Yes. There are training videos on the website which will walk you through using the program in your classroom. They are located under Table of Contents > Tutorials.

Additionally, the educators who designed the program lead a limited number of live, day-long training sessions every year. These trainings occur around the country and are usually scheduled at the request of a School District or Superintendent. To speak with someone about scheduling a training in your area, contact Noel Wall (nwall@cmohfoundation.org / 843-881-5973) or Jennifer Lennon (jlennon@cmohfoundation.org / 843-881-5974).