Patrick J. Regan

Accredited to Los Angeles, CA, Regan was born in Middleboro, MA, on March 25, 1882. He died in 1943 and is buried in New Jersey. He is one of two Medal of Honor recipients named Patrick Regan; the other was a sailor awarded for actions in peacetime.

Citation: While leading his platoon against a strong enemy machinegun nest which had held up the advance of 2 companies, 2d Lt. Regan divided his men into 3 groups, sending 1 group to either flank, and he himself attacking with an automatic rifle team from the front. Two of the team were killed outright, while 2d Lt. Regan and the third man were seriously wounded, the latter unable to advance. Although severely wounded, 2d Lt. Regan dashed with empty pistol into the machinegun nest, capturing 30 Austrian gunners and 4 machineguns. This gallant deed permitted the companies to advance, avoiding a terrific enemy fire. Despite his wounds, he continued to lead his platoon forward until ordered to the rear by his commanding officer.