Robert M. Boody

Robert Milton Boody was born in Limington, ME, March 6, 1836. He joined the army from Amesbury, MA, in June 1861. He was a sergeant in the 40th New York Infantry when he performed the acts for which he received the Medal of Honor. He was commissioned as an officer in September 1863, and left the service in July 1864. Boody died in October 1913 and was buried in the Greenwood Cemetery in Haverhill, MA.

Citation: This soldier, at Williamsburg, Va., then a corporal, at great personal risk, voluntarily saved the lives of and brought from the battlefield 2 wounded comrades. A year later, at Chancellorsville, voluntarily, and at great personal risk, brought from the field of battle and saved the life of Capt. George B. Carse, Company C, 40th New York Volunteer Infantry.