Joseph B. Adkinson

Born January 4, 1892, in Egypt, TN, Adkinson entered service in Memphis in 1917. He was one of six soldiers from Tennessee to receive the Medal of Honor for service during the First World War. Adkison died in 1965 and is buried in Salem Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church in Atoka, TN.

Adkinson's Medal of Honor and uniform tunic are displayed in a Covington, TN, museum.

Citation: When murderous machinegun fire at a range of 50 yards had made it impossible for his platoon to advance, and had caused the platoon to take cover Sgt. Adkinson alone, with the greatest intrepidity, rushed across the 50 yards of open ground directly into the face of the hostile machinegun kicked the gun from the parapet into the enemy trench, and at the point of the bayonet captured the 3 men manning the gun. The gallantry and quick decision of this soldier enabled the platoon to resume its advance.