Lewis A. Horton

Lewis Horton, like his fellow Massachusetts recipient Luke Griswold, was aboard the USS Rhode Island, towing the famous ironclad, the USS Monitor, when heavy storms off the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC, swamped the Monitor. Before the entire crew could be transferred, the Monitor sank, taking 16 men with it.

Horton was born in Bristol County, MA, and is accredited to Taunton, MA.

Citation: Served on board the USS Rhode Island, which was engaged in saving the lives of the officers and crew of the Monitor, 30 December 1862. Participating in the hazardous task of rescuing the officers and crew of the sinking Monitor, Horton, after rescuing several of the men, became separated in a heavy gale with other members of the cutter that had set out from the Rhode Island and spent many hours in the small boat at the mercy of the weather and high seas until finally picked up by a schooner 50 miles east of Cape Hatteras.