Peter Howard

Born in France in 1829, Howard enlisted in the Navy from Boston in May 1861. He was promoted to Acting Ensign in November 1863 and left the Navy in November 1867. He died March 25, 1875, in Brooklyn, NY.

Citation: Served on board the USS Mississippi during the action against Port Hudson, 14 March 1863. Running aground during the darkness and in the midst of battle while exposed to a devastating fire from enemy shore batteries, the Mississippi was ordered abandoned after a long and desperate attempt to free her. Serving courageously throughout this period in which a steady fire was kept up against the enemy until the ship was enveloped in flames and abandoned. Howard acted gallantly in his duties as boatswain's mate. Soon after the firing of the Mississippi and its abandonment, it was seen to slide off the shoal, drift downstream and explode, leaving no possibility of its falling into enemy hands.