John H. Ferrell

Accredited to Illinois, Ferrell was born April 15, 1823, in Bedford County, TN, but was living in Illinois when he was hired as a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy. Ferrell died April 17, 1900, at age 71 and was buried at Price Cemetery in Elizabethtown, IL.

Citation: Served on board the U.S. Monitor Neosho during the engagement with enemy batteries at Bells Mills, Cumberland River, near Nashville, Tenn., 6 December 1864. Carrying out his duties courageously during the engagement, Ferrell gallantly left the pilothouse after the flag and signal staffs of that vessel had been shot away and, taking the flag which was drooping over the wheelhouse, make it fast to the stump of the highest mast remaining although the ship was still under a heavy fire from the enemy.