Make Your Mark by Showing Support for this Year’s Convention

Knoxville is known not only for its Vols, but also for its outstanding volunteers. Residents regularly approach the Medal of Honor Knoxville convention committee eager to roll up their sleeves and contribute to this year’s convention. This is a generous offering that shows the incredible character of the community—something for which the committee is proud and grateful. 

This year, the people of Knoxville have a tremendous opportunity to make an impact on the convention and the ability to make it a week to remember for the recipients, their guests and families. Opportunities abound to help leave a lasting impression on our nation’s greatest heroes coming to town. From creating a welcome sign to flying your flag or even making a contribution, you’re invited and encouraged to show your support for our servicemen and women and paint a picture of gratitude.

To best leverage East Tennessee’s patriotic spirit, the convention committee is launching a new program for supporters to make their mark, and there’s no better day to launch an all-American program than the Fourth of July. Beginning this Independence Day, anyone will be able to show his or her pride and support for the Congressional Medal of Honor Society with the click of a button.

Showing you care is as simple as writing or uploading a video message to mohknoxville.com/GiveThanks. How you give thanks is up to you; maybe it’s leaving a kind note expressing gratitude for our heroes or uploading a video of your family decked out in red, white and blue addressing the troops. Get creative or keep it short and sweet, just remember it is for the public to see. Messages will be played in areas throughout the convention for recipients to view and displayed online for anyone to read or watch.

To upload a video or a message for the recipients, supporters will be asked for a small donation. Any contribution made will go directly to the Knoxville Convention and the Society. All donations will help perpetuate the legacy of the Medal of Honor.