Boston honors our greatest heroes

By O'Ryan Johnson Boston Herald September 17, 2015 

Members of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society descended onto the Common by Black Hawk helicopter yesterday for their third convention in Boston.

Gov. Charlie Baker, welcoming some 42 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in town for the convention, praised the humility of those he has met.

“This has always been for me the most amazing thing about the people who serve this country. They do amazing things, but if you talk to them about it, it’s always the same: ‘I only did my duty,’” Baker said.

Thomas J. Hudner Jr., a retired Navy captain from Massachusetts who received his Medal of Honor when he purposefully crash-landed his fighter to rescue his wingman in Korea, said, “No other city has hosted the society more than once, and that city is Boston. We are proud of the warm relationship that exists between us and look forward to being in Boston again this week.’’

The Medal of Honor recipients will be here throughout the week participating in events across the region.

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